Information Technology Today

Today, one could easily consider IT as a magic science. During the past couple of years, information technology has rapidly been integrated in almost all industry niches; robotics, medical care, electrical, space, information broadcast and construction industry being just a few. It is now used in virtually every field. We use gadgets to make work easier and faster, and these gadgets need software to run. This is where information technology comes in.

So, let us take a look at information technology today, and how it is being used in various sectors in the industry.

Banks need software that can process money transactions, store the transaction data, store the user data, provide banking information online and many more. Bank applications cannot be accessed by the end user without using online services. With online banking, users are able to view their accounts balance, send money at the comfort of their homes, review transactions and many more, all thanks to IT integration.

There are various management applications that are used to store and review data in the construction field. Construction industry also employs products like Microsoft office quite heavily. Not only in the management construction sector but also in the initial design stages. Architects and engineers are now using computer softwares to help design breathtaking structures.

Health Care
Information technology is prevalent in almost every health care equipment. Doctors use network based applications to send messages to patients and even connect live with patients when carrying out diagnosis and treatments as well. This is better known as Telemedicine where telecommunications and technology is employed to better the life of a patient and improve the efficiency of healthcare.

We use many types of software at home to plat movies and songs and even use enterprise software for daily work. Most households today have at least one personal computer.we also have ipods, smartphones, television sets, laptops and many other devices which are all powered by software.

Information technology can also be seen in space stations like NASA. IT plays a key role in the implementation of space missions. Python, java and other software technologies are used to create applications that help better their space missions

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
This can be said to be the future of information technology. This is a technology that is mainly involves robotics where machines can be able to interact and do activities by themselves using existing data or through observation of the current data. AI has not yet been fully implemented but we can already see promising signs with the few robots that interact today.

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